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3 MBA (Master of Business Administration) Training Courses

See also: Public Administration, Business Administration, Leadership, Business Management, Startup, English (FCE / CAE / CPE), Retail (Management), and Management Skills.

See also: Public Administration, Business Administration, and Leadership.


The Practical MBA - Managing By Your Actions (2 day course)

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placeBristol, Edinburgh and 5 other regions

_x000D_ A manager's effectiveness depends on the manager! This 2 day course provides a unique opportunity for a manager, or aspiring superv…


The 5 day 'MBA'

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It has never been more important than now to invest in training executives in the areas of leadership, strategy, decision making, organisat…


The 5-day Mini 'MBA' for PAs and Executive Assistants

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The course is structured in an “MBA” style format, focusing on the core skills and tools needed for success. It provides the perfect synerg…