How to start a career in conservation or animal behavior related research abroad?

Question asked by Robert, BSC (Hons):


Start a career in conservation, animal behaviour research after doing 3 years at university studying Animal Behaviour & Welfare or start a post graduate course related to Animal Behaviour.


I have always been interested in studying animals it's why I did a degree in Animal Behaviour.


I want to be able to begin a career in conservation or animal behaviour related research preferably abroad in Africa (Kenya or South Africa), Australia, North and/or South America. I would also like the opportunity of post graduate courses that are animal behaviour related if possible.

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Exotic Animal Care Course Level 2

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Diploma In Animal Care

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You love animals. And what's more, animals really take to you. So, working with animals has probably crossed your mind more than once. Whic…

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"Maybe you can start by taking a course in wildlife conservation
this will most likely give you a better outlook on what exactly you would like to do in wildlife.

What you are describing is a 'wildlife biologist' and you can become this by studying a degree in wildlife science, ecology or environmental science. Good luck!" - 28-07-2011 12:03

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